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Should you buy used or a new car? It is often a question that arises when the car is repaired or seems. In my opinion, the answer is quite simple. Let's make a small calculation, seasoned with common sense. Read about Porsche Florida Dealers
Should I buy a new car?
Try this instead: Take a ride in your current car, roll down the window and throw money out the window in a steady stream.
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It sounds really stupid, doesn't it? That's exactly what you do when you buy a new car. If you earn cash and can afford to buy a brand new car in cash, that's fine. But by far the few people can afford it.
Impairment of new cars
A new car loses a great deal of value within the very first years. After 5 years, new cars have on average lost 61% of the value. Let some others pay the loss of value in the first years. It's a waste of your money!
Never buy a car that is newer than 3 years old unless you can buy a new car in cash and will accept a huge loss.
The smart alternative
- Buy a used car you can pay in cash. The amount that you save every month by not buying a new car will save you up
- Sell ??the used car after 2 years and add the sales price to the amount you saved
- Repeat the principle and within a few years, you drive in a newer used car that is paid in cash without borrowing money!
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So you save the high loss of value in the car's first 3-5 years and save interest and fees to the car dealer.
If you instead use the payout for a new car to buy a used car and save the money that you would have lost on purchasing the new car, the calculation looks much better!
When buying a used car
You can decide to buy a used car from a dealer or private. Used cars are generally more expensive at dealers, but on the other hand, you have a 2-year warranty.
If you are not comfortable with buying a new car, get help from friends and acquaintances when you go looking at used cars.
Look for used cars that are new-sighted and with tires that are not too worn.
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You can find good advice on buying used cars in many places. Eg. FDM has a checklist for the purchase of a used car.
If you want a brand new luxury car
If you still want to spend a lot of money for a new car, and you have the economy and the desire for a car in the absolute top class, there is good sense that the experience must be the perfect one: a brand new luxury car with exactly that equipment, upholstery and colors you have chosen.
If so desired, the task is initially to find the right dealer, run trial trips in the models that you are considering, and choose the right luxury car for your needs.
Once you get stuck on the right car, financing is the next step. And here you can advantageously investigate thoroughly what can best pay off. Of course, there is a special satisfaction of buying and paying a car contact, and then it is DIN.
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But it can often be a good idea to lease the car instead, especially if it is also to be used for commercial driving. It offers a lot of tax benefits, and at the same time, most leasing agreements also provide automatic service and generally guarantee that you will not do so much more than enjoy your new delicious vehicle.
If you choose used
Instead, if you choose the more economical sense of buying a used luxury car, there are many more things to consider before you go for a purchase. Initially, you have to deal with yourself if you want an almost new car that has driven less than 100,000 kilometers and is a new model. Or if you would rather have a slightly more used car where you of course typically get more for your money. If you choose a "real" used car that may be several years old, it pays to pay close attention to:
- The fuel economy - the older cars often run too short on the literer
- Service - if the car is fit for an authorized workshop
- The engine - whether it is nice, clean and sounds sound and smooth
- The undercarriage - check for rust, as well as carrying arms and control balls
- The car's interior - is it nice and well maintained and without odor or moisture?
Of course, you should be aware of the fuel economy, of course - because it can quickly make a slightly cheaper car for a much more expensive purchase.
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If you choose an almost new used car that has only driven a few kilometers and is of a new model, there are a few other thoughts to do. Of course, you still need to check the car in the same way as with the older used car, but in terms of financing, the newer used car often has very advantageous lease terms.
A new car must be serviced at a regular intervals by an authorized dealer. It is a requirement if you buy a new car that is financed, and you will most often have to pay for it yourself.
If you buy a used car, you can choose where the car needs service and thus save money. This saving is not included in the study.
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